445th Homepage
Link to the 445th Website and the Buckeye Flyer.

2020-03 87th Newsletter Before Reunion

2019-12 87th Newsletter Space A adventure

2019-03 87th Newsletter Breakfast Announcements

2018-09 87th Newsletter After Reunion

2018-05 87th Newsletter Before Reunion

2017-09 87th Newsletter After Reunion

2017-06 87th Newsletter Before Reunion

2017-02 87th Newsletter Welcome to 2017

2016-08 87th Newsletter After Reunion Edition

2016-05 87th Newsletter Before Reunion Edition

2016-05 Registration Form Reunion Resistration Form

2016-01 87th Newsletter Happy new Year and Reunion Plans

2015-09 Newsletter 87th Reunion Photos and Events

2015-06 Newsletter 87th If tomorrow Never Comes, Reunion Forms

2015-01 Newsletter 87th Reunion and Xmas Party Pictures.
Lunch with Deke and Carol..  Karen Newbauer.

2014-07 87th Newsletter  Reunion Registration Form and Charlie Arthur’s article about his TDY mission to Greenland

2014-02 87th Newsletter  Reunion update and Charlie and Harvey’s Honer Flight to Washington DC

2013-08 Newsletter Reunion  Includes pictures, survey form and an article from Steve Knorr about his volunteer work with the Red Cross.

2013-01 Newsletter  Steve Knorr – My service in the US Army 1966 – 1970  and the USAF Reserves 1984-2006.   2012 Christmas party.  Bob Cepluch – Membership dues.   Reunion news and registration form.

2012-11 Newsletter   Glen Ruswinkle – Vietnam – A Beautiful Country, Jim Hampton – My Service in the USAF – 1955- 1959,  Tom McVey – 87th Members who served during the Cuba Missile Crisis.

2012-07 Newsletter
  Breakfast attendees, 87th Cruise,  Tom McVey’s 36 Years of Service,  Keith Cline How to draw disability Pay, Will Smith becomes Air Force Nurse.

2012-02 Newsletter  Schedule of 2012 Regional Breakfasts, Cliff Cooper Receives Honorary Membership, – Bob Cepluch – Burger Burn

2011-10 Reunion Edition
2011-06 2nd Reunion Reminder

2011-03 Newsletter

2010-12 Newsletter
2010-06 1st Reunion Edition
2010-01 Newsletter

2009-10 2nd Newsletter
2009-09 1st Newsletter 

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