Helpful Retirement Information
by Tom McVey

Retire Pay

  • Call the Air Reserve Personnel Center (ARPC)  6 months before you turn 60.
    The number is 1-800-525-0102  then select options  4.
  • Make sure that ARPC has your current mailing address on file.  ARPC should be able tell you how much you will get as retired pay.
  • Four months before your 60th birthday, ARPC will send you a retirement package with forms you must sign and mail back to ARPC.  They do this so they can set up your direct deposit account information.   I suggest that you make sure to withhold about 15-20% for federal taxes.   You will get back any over payment when you do your taxes.


When you reach age 60, you are covered by Tri-Care.  Some people decide to drop their company health insurance.   It is a big decision.  Consider it carefully with your spouse. You also should register your benefits number on the back of your military ID with your pharmacy.

Some people decide to keep their employer health care.  They will have to insurances and Tri-Care will be the secondary insurance.

 Age 65

Time to get a new ID that never expires.
Plus Tri-Care changes to Tri-Care for life.

Lost DD214

If you have lost your DD214, then try this on-line site.
Veterans Service Records




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